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Clean-Flush Aircraft Toilet Externally Serviced Toilet Systems

Externally Serviced Toilet System Models

Model 9055
21.0 pounds (dry)
3-gallon waste capacity
18.75" W, 16.5" D, 11" H
Model 9060
21 pounds (dry)
4-gallon waste capacity
18.75" W, 16.5" D, 13.75" H

Externally-serviced models offered by Aircraft Technologies include two models with a unique design that sets these systems apart from others on the market. Made of tough molded plastic and composite materials for maximum strength-to-weight ratio, these Series 90 systems are easy to install and service, and economical to maintain.


Minimally Intrusive Installation
The Series 90 externally serviced toilet systems are designed for economical installation in all corporate aircraft. The service lines between the toilet and the external service panel are only 3/4" in diameter for the waste dump line and 1/2" for the flushing reservoir charge line.


Built-in Macerator
A macerator within the toilet breaks down waste and pumps it to the service cart outside the aircraft. The smaller line carries fresh flushing fluid to the reservoir from the Ground Service Cart.


It has double sealed protection against leakage and meets FAR 25.853(a) self-extinguishing specifications.

90 series toilet*Installation requirements: AN3 cap screws, ½ inch and ¾ inch plumbing lines, external servicing port.

Odor Control

The Series 90 waste compartments are closed when the toilets are not in use. Additionally, each model has provisions for positive overboard venting. We recommend Clean-Flush additives for the utmost in odor control.

All aircraft toilets carry a one year guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials.