History. Strength. Innovation.

When Dee Howard invented the Clean-Flush aircraft toilet, it marked a radical departure from all previous aircraft toilets. His unique design incorporated separate compartments for the flushing fluid and the waste products. There was no need for strainers, filters or special tissues. Those features provided the most hygienic, odor free toilet on the market.

Through the years, the product line has been expanded to include compact, lightweight externally serviced units.

With expertise in thermoforming, fiberglass layup (vacuum bag process), adhesives, fillers and coating, Aircraft Technologies, Inc. expanded production to include all manner of aircraft cabin interior components. A recent addition of a Stratasys 3-D additive printer has added another dimension to Aircraft Technologies, Inc. capabilities.

Aircraft Technologies, Inc. is also an FAA-Certified Repair Station (CRS:D0NR886N).



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Aileron Fairing sm sun-visor assembly sm model 80 self contained sm 500-31A-3 Hawker 400XP sm 5x10 3 axis sm
Avionics Platform Shelf Support sm thermo sm lightweight service cart sm machine sm 3-d printed
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